Grade 2 Zinc Plated



An externally threaded fastener without a head that is threaded over its entire length.

Applications/ Advantages


B7 studs are best suited for use in temperatures between 300° - 400° C.



Bolts shall be made from a grade B7 alloy which conforms to the following chemical composition requirements--

Carbon: 0.37-0.49%; Manganese: 0.65-1.10%; Phosphorus: 0.035% maximum; Sulfur: 0.040% maximum; Silicon: 0.15-0.35% ;

Chromium: 0.75-1.20% ; Molybdenum:   0.15-0.25%

Heat Treatment

Immediately after rolling or forging, the studs are cooled to a temperature below the cooling transformation stage. Parts are then reheated to a minimum tempering temperature of 1100° F and quenched in a liquid medium.


Studs 2.5” in diameter and smaller: Rockwell C35 maximum

Yield Strength

105,000 psi. minimum

Tensile Strength

125,000 psi. minimum

Elongation in 4D

16% minimum


Studs are typically provided plain without a secondary finish.



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